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New Song Choir

Our next generation leaders should walk in our footsteps, not in our shadow. Youths need to be invited, included, involved, before they can be influenced and impacted.

New Song Choir


Sing to the Lord all the earth!
“Sing to the Lord a new song”
Psalm 96:1


To lead people in the worship of God in spirit and in truth and usher them into His presence through theologically sound music

Mission Statement
  • To contribute to the parish music ministry mandate and lead the congregation in the worship of Almighty God through theologically sound music during Sunday, Special and Seasonal Services and other events
  • To preach and teach the Word of God through the delivery of purposefully selected theologically sound music in Church and among Christian gatherings and groups and beyond
  • To continuously nurture technical growth among choristers through appropriate training, workshops, exposure, mentorship, and practice
  • To continuously nurture spiritual growth among choristers through fellowship, prayer, Bible study, seminars, workshops and retreats and practice Christian leadership and stewardship
  • To reach others for Christ through publications, concerts, recordings, and uploads on the Parish, our and various social media platforms including through the sale of music and publications in diverse and emerging formats
  • To collaborate with other members of the parish music ministry for the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Our Core Values
  • Punctuality
  • Faithfulness (to God, Ministry and to each other)
  • Commitment (to God, our families, to the Ministry and to each other)
  • Perseverance / Endurance – 2nd Cor. 4:7-10
  • FAT: Faithful/Available/Teachable
  • Excellence – Col.1:10-12
  • Obedience
  • Unity – Psalm 133
  • Adherence to and practice of Christian doctrines (prayer, worship, thankfulness, etc)