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PCEA St. Andrew's Church

Informed by Faith, Driven by Love to give Hope


St Andrew’s Church is located in the heart of the City of Nairobi and is regarded the de facto headquarters of PCEA in Kenya and the region.

The church has a rich history and has a cosmopolitan congregation with people from different ethnic, social, educational, and economic circles, as well as from different echelons of society. A unique characteristic of its membership is that this diverse congregation comprises mainly workers and students who often shift from one housing estate to another, move to other parts of the country or relocate to other countries altogether.

The church has a Herculean task to meet the needs of its different members of the congregation and keep in touch with those who may be shifting from different estates from time to time. In order to meet the diversified needs of its congregation, St Andrew’s Parish Sunday services also cater for people living with disabilities as well as for the French speaking members of the congregation.

The PCEA St. Andrew’s   Church   runs three English Services in different   sanctuaries   at 08.30 a.m., 9.00 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. service.  The church also runs three special groups services as follows: Fishers (Teens) service, 11.30 am Youth Service, Hearing Impaired Service and French Service.  There are also Sunday school classes running concurrently with the main services.  The youth are currently fully catered for and it is envisaged that the youth service will be transformed and grow to contribute to the Church’s growth. PCEA Church School runs two services and there are also Sunday School classes. (8.30 am and 10.30am).

St Andrews Parish has a total of 33 Elder Districts spread all over the suburbs of Nairobi City according to the spread of 1200 communicant members of the church.  Between 1910 and 1956, St. Andrews Church constituted the Overseas Presbytery of the Church of Scotland. In 1956, the United Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) was formed putting together the Overseas Presbytery of the Church of Scotland centered in St. Andrews Church, Nairobi. A partnership with the Church of Scotland was however retained with the senior minister coming from the Church of Scotland and a concordant of St. Andrews Church being appended to that of PCEA. The first African Senior Minister of the parish was installed in 1975 and the separate constitution of St. Andrews was removed by the General Assembly in 1988, thus making St. Andrews but one of the ordinary parishes of the church.

One of the greatest contributions of St. Andrews Church to date has been in the expansion of the PCEA within the city of Nairobi and its environs. Between 1975 and 1988 they founded other outstations in other suburbs of Nairobi City. Those stations have now grown to autonomous parishes compelling the General Assembly to create Milimani Presbytery which is mainly composed of parishes cropping out of St. Andrews Parish.  On 8th December 2013, Milimani North Presbytery was further divided into Milimani North and Milimani South.

Elder Districts are spread over the St. Andrew’s Suburb. An Elder is responsible for looking after church members who reside in their Elder District, and for expanding God’s kingdom in that District. In this role, the Elder is assisted by Church Deacons and Deaconesses for that District. The Elders do their work in liaison with, and as a team with the clergy. The Pastoral team is supported by employee evangelists and other staff.

The Church has been active in spreading the gospel in Mashuru Nendeni and has helped the founding of eight congregations.  The area is primarily semi-arid and inhabited by people of Maasai ethnicity whose major economic system is nomadic pastoralism.  This is therefore an area with daunting challenges of development in all spheres besides preaching the gospel. The community is in need of health care, education and because of low rainfall situation, food relief at least once every five years or so.


To Worship God and Care for Humanity in Obedience to the Great Commision

Math 28:19


A congregation that mirrors Christ in all ways, Holistically

Math 5:16


Informed by Faith, Driven by Love to give Hope

Core Values

Our Core Values as a Church are also our guiding principles

Bible Centredness

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Through the Word of God, we minister to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of all members and to the community.

Informed by Faith, Driven by Love to give Hope

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By enrolling in the Four Bear Program, UM guarantees you will graduate in four years with a bachelor’s degree. Discover the global city—filled with inspiration, opportunities to explore.