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Presbyterian Church Men Fellowship (PCMF)

Our next generation leaders should walk in our footsteps, not in our shadow. Youths need to be invited, included, involved, before they can be influenced and impacted.

Presbyterian Church Men Fellowship (PCMF)

St. Andrews PCMF aims to bring men together as a united Christian force, for fellowship, exchange of ideas concerning matter of faith, witness, and service to Jesus Christ in the line with Presbyterian Church men fellowship.

The Presbyterian Church Men Fellowship (PCMF) is a standing committee of the PCEA Church and is established in the PCEA St Andrews Parish of Mlimani North Presbytery. The PCEA St. Andrews Parish PCMF comprises two congregations namely PCEA St. Andrews Church and PCEA Kileleshwa Church. The fellowship shall endeavour to be a men’s Christian force in matters concerning faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ, and to serve God and glorify him at all levels of church life by participating in church activities as individuals to the community and nations.


Based on Romans 12:11 “Never lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord”


To be a united Christian force for the men of faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ.


We believe in men being the best as God intended


Spiritual maturity of man and service to the glory of God.


In 1973, a resolution was passed by the General Assembly to form a Men’s organisation in the Church. This resolution was not implemented until 1987 when the Session of PCEA St Andrew’s Church felt the need to strengthen the congregational witness of the Parish members. It had sadly discovered that the majority of the men, apart from a small percentage of those who are Deacons or Elders, do not have a recognized forum or springboard from which their individual and corporate contributions could be utilized in the church. As a result, the Session decided to establish a Men’s Organization to address this problem/need.

The late Very Rev. Dr. John Gatu and the late Rev. Prof. Samuel Kibicho 
guided St. Andrew’s Church on the appointment of the first committee and the following served in the inaugural committee: Chairman: Mr David Muriithi; Secretary: Mr Solomon Gacece; Treasurer: Mr Joseph K. Kamere; Members: Mr David G. Njoroge, Prof. Christopher Karue, Mr Fred M. Mbiru, Dr James Kamunge, Mr Ng’ang’a Njiraini, Mr William Gachengo, Mr Walter Mukuria.

PCMF first constitution was launched at PCEA St. Andrews in 1994. The fellowship has witnessed a tremendous growth in family relationships and responsibility in both the Church and the Society. PCEA St. Andrews Parish was the first to form a Presbyterial PCMF.

In March 1999, the first steering committee was formed at the Head office. Mr Walter Mukuria and Mr Solomon Gacece from St. Andrew’s were appointed to serve in the first PCMF Steering Committee in 1999. Mr. Mukuria was elected the first PCMF National Chairman.


PCMF St Andrews has registered over 400 members since inception in 1986. Currently the fellowship has 220 full members. The difference between the total registered members and current membership is attributed to transfer of members and deceased members.


PCMF has been participating in various Parish activities; members are spread out in different ministries and departments, representing PCMF directly or in directly. Key activities include:

  1. Member welfare
  2. Support and management of Hawa Childrens Home and School;
  3. Support Joseph Kang’ethe Childrens Home
  4. Rite of Passage programme


  • Chairman         :           Mr. Evanson Ng’ang’a
  • Vice Chairman :           Mr. Paul Mbugua
  • Secretary          :           Mr. Joshua Chege
  • Asst. Secretary :           Mr. Watson Maina
  • Treasurer         :           Mr. Jeremiah Kamira
  • Asst. Treasurer :           Mr. Joel Waweru

Co-opted executive committee members:

  • Mr. James Kuru,
  • Mr. Peter Wanjohi,
  • Mr. James Muraguri Gichohi, 
  • Mr. Jeremy Kinyua