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Counselling Ministry

Our next generation leaders should walk in our footsteps, not in our shadow. Youths need to be invited, included, involved, before they can be influenced and impacted.

Counselling Ministry

The Counselling Ministry has a team of 25 trained and active counsellors and psychologists. Their professional levels of training range from TEE Certificates up to Doctorate levels.
Core Principles & Values
Compassion, Collaboration, Competency, Confidentiality, Respect for Autonomy, Sensitivity to Difference, Honesty, Empathy & Trust.

• Identify, design and manage appropriate and applicable psychosocial support activities and services. • Establish and build capacity for supporting Church Groups • Empower Church Counselling Ministry to achieve its mission through structured process and networking.
• Build Church counsellors’ capacity to provide effective and high-quality service.
• Enrich client confidence in the quality of service offered by the Counselling Ministry.


To bring hope and psychological and mental health restoration to the Parish Community and beyond through professional counselling and psychosocial wellness interventions rooted in Biblical principles.


To provide Hope, Healing and Social Wellness through Psychosocial support.