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Health Professionals Group

Our next generation leaders should walk in our footsteps, not in our shadow. Youths need to be invited, included, involved, before they can be influenced and impacted.

Health Professionals Group

This is a ministry that involves all professionals in the health industry and also students in various training institutes in the church proximity


To worship God and serve humanity with our talents and professional expertee


To have a well operational health centre in Kibini Nendeni area


• Liaise with the nurse in Kibini clinic on restocking and other improvements on her services
• Visit Kibini clinic for consultation and assessment of services and physical facilities
• Hold medical camps both at Kibini and St Andrews
• Assess health needs and support for both Hawa and Tumaini home as called upon
• Lately we have given First Aid support to church school during their holiday program
• Home visit and support for retired elderly members