Social Responsibility Committee

Vision: A people drawn to God through physical and spiritual expression of Christian love

Mission: To effectively identify, develop and manage social responsibility programs, build capacity, and respond rapidly to national disasters.


  • Identify, develop and manage appropriate and applicable social responsibility issues and programs.
  • Build capacity for supporting social cases.
  • Empower S.R.C. to achieve its mission.
  • To build and strengthen collaborative networks, partnerships and linkages.

Our Activities

  • Distribution of clothes and foodstuff
  • Visit to old people's homes, children's homes and other institutions
  • Ministry to street boys
  • Partnerships
  • Empowerment skills trainings
  • Trainings for church members
  • Emergency Response
  • Distribution of clothes and foodstuffs and Support to Social Cases

We accept donations of dry foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, bags, beddings, etc, which are received in the Social Responsibility store and then redistributed to needy people and institutions.

About 50 social cases visit the department every month for various needs ranging from food, clothes, medical needs, counseling, and fare. 80 % of the needs are met while others are referred to other organizations.


For any enquiries and to give donations, visit the Social Responsibility Office at the New Hall Basement.

Our email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.