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    It has been six months since all the churches were closed down and all large gatherings were banned. But now the believers have found their voices in all media and online platforms. The gospel message and content has filled the airwaves and are listened to by many near and far and across denominations. Help for the fearful and those in
    distress is now just a call away.

    Preaching and teaching is being conducted via various platforms, Zoom, Skype, Webinars, Telegraph,Facebook, Instagram and even on WhatsAapp. Bless the Lord who has given his church a voice in the midst of darkness.

    Though the Churches and other places of worship are being slowly opened, we are not certain how and when this pandemic will end, nevertheless, there is need to thank God for this far He brought us as individuals and as corporate. We are therefore calling upon all of us to participate in our 31 days of prayers as we give thanks and also dedicate our families, institution of learning, government institutions and Church of Jesus Christ.

    It is in this context we have released a schedule of the day each district will take charge and the prayer guide of items to pray for. The prayer torch will be launched on Thursday 1st October and the climax will be on 31st October followed by our final Thanksgiving Sunday this year on 1st November 2020. The success of our 31 days
    of prayers will depend on our commitment and total sacrifice.

    Let us all Arise and Shine in our prayer lives for God has given us another opportunity.

    Rev Ngere H.N
    Parish Moderator

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