Spiritual Maturity


Maturity is a process. Do you remember your childhood memories? If you have a bad memory like me, you may not be able to remember all the details. However, when your parents or guardians talk to you about it, they tell you how they used to carry you when you were a toddler, then how you started feeding and eventually you walked after saying “mama” for the first time.

In effect, you are reminded about your developmental journey from your early years of school leading to teenage years and eventually campus and perhaps, how you got your first job. Maturity is much the same like this journey of life. It is a process. It is never about the destination but about the process. Seeing it this way, you are able to see how the virtues of humility, perseverance and character, just to name a few, are a core part and result of maturity. In this study, we are going to look at the biblical portrait of maturity and how this can help you internalize where you are on your journey of faith and how you can make progress. All of us will learn that maturity is the real measure of our growth in faith.

Learning Points

As you go through this guide, we expect that you will be able:

  • To define maturity from a biblical perspective.
  • To understand how maturity affects your journey of faith.
  • To invest in the means of developing maturity.
  • To appreciate the goal of maturity which is Christlikeness.