Christian Education Department

Our Story

Christian Education is the cornerstone and foundation of the church ministry. We thrive on the need to know God and make Him known as the source of all knowledge. We have continued to work with various church groups in the parish to make God's knowledge the source of wisdom. This is along the lines emphasized in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

Our Ministry Involves

High School Ministry

a) High School Parents Fellowship

  • Parents who have children in High school meet once a month to pray and fellowship as they grow together. They have topical discussions with guest speakers facilitating the discussions.
  • The parents have a lunch date with their teens every holiday to enhance bonding.

b) High School Missions

  • We visit various high schools and join the students in their Sunday worship services or conduct weekend challenges.
  • In addition to conducting services, we interact with students on a personal level.

c) Pamoja Link 

  • Christian Education Committee has continued to support the publication & postage of Pamoja Link magazine which is mailed to students in various high schools in the country. The magazine contains spiritual messages wrapped in a story and is very popular with high school students.