Boys and Girls Brigade

Our Story

Our Motto: Discipleship through Discipline

Our Vision: To reach the young people; teaching and guiding them through their relationship with God and humanity, in order to contribute positively towards the family, church and community.

Our Mission: To promote the boys and girls characters of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect, self-control, and as followers of the Lord Jesus to acquire a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life”.

Our Main Objectives

  • To inform children and the young people about our faith, our mission and worship as Presbyterians.
  • To take the challenge of empowering young people to endeavor observe Christ-like life here on earth.
  • To serve God through young people, the church and the country.
  • To en ourage the advancement of christ's kingdom among boys and girls by promoting positive behaviors and self-displine among themselves.
  • To appeal or attract Boys and Girls and holding them together in the church even during the most challenging moments in the church's life.
  • To see to it that all Boys and Girls becomes full communicants while maintaining their Brigade membership.
  • To encourage a good relationship between the members of the brigade, church and the communty we serve.
  • To see to it that four-sided Brigade training program (spiritual, physical, Education and social) is carried out quite effectively.

For more information please contact:

Jane Gakaara - Mobile: 0720 801 327